The Main Benefits of Electric Gates

Electric gates are a popular solution for controlling entry into a business or home. These automated gates are easy to install and are a great way to keep people out. Here are some reasons why you should consider automating your gates. Read on to find out more! Here’s what you need to know about electric gates.

Automated gates are a great way of controlling entry into your home or business premises

Automated gates can be installed at the entrance to your home or business premises to improve security and reduce trespassing. They also improve efficiency by cutting the need for human intervention. These systems are popular amongst business owners and can be programmed to open and close at certain times, giving you greater control over who gets into your property.

One of the biggest innovations in this technology is the ability to control the gate using your smartphone. A smartphone app lets you open and close the gate anytime you want, even when you are not at home. You can also use the app to control the gate from anywhere in the world.

Automated gates come in a wide range of designs. They can be made from wooden panels, metal fence-like structures, or a combination of materials. Wooden and metal gates look classic, while metal gates are timeless. Whatever your preference, an automatic gate can add a touch of luxury to your property.

The benefits of automated gates are many. Compared to manual gates, they are more secure and durable. Additionally, they can be operated with fingerprint scanners, keypads, and remote controls. Some models even integrate with CCTV systems to provide evidence in the event of a crime.

They are popular in residential situations

Electric gates can be a convenient addition to any home. However, they can also pose safety risks. These devices should only be used by trained professionals, and should not be used by homeowners themselves. Listed below are some of the main safety risks associated with electric gates, and how they can be avoided.

Detection: Electric gates use motion detectors to detect movement outside of the gate. These devices are placed on the sides of the gate so that they face a central location. When motion is detected, a microwave beam breaks and the gate opens. This opens the gate and allows people inside to access the property.

Controls: Automatic gate systems have many options to regulate their speed and operation. Some of these systems use smartphone apps to open and close the gate. Others have cameras and allow you to view who enters and exits. In addition, some systems include call buttons or receiver handsets, which allow you to remotely check who is entering the property. Some also come with a numeric keypad that can be opened with a legitimate access code.

Security: Having security gates is a great idea. Many apartment complexes have them to prevent vehicle theft. In addition, it makes tenants feel safer. If an apartment complex has a gate, it may be one of the main attractions for potential tenants.

They are easy to install

Electric Gates are not difficult to install, and they are ideal for the home or commercial premises where security is of the utmost importance. A professional will be able to do the installation for you, and it should cost around PS2000 for a decent job. This price should include the gate itself, as well as the mechanisms.

Depending on the size of your home, you will need to get planning permission before installing an electric gate. You will also need to decide what type of gate you want, as well as what materials you need. Besides, you’ll have to think about the labor cost. This can be up to PS35 per hour, depending on the size of the gate, the number of engineers required, and the complexity of the installation. If you’d like an intercom with your gate, you can opt for a 4G intercom, but this will add to the cost.

For industrial premises, you can opt for the Cantilever sliding gate. This gate is available in various widths, ranging from 5m to 10m, and it doesn’t require a track across the entrance road. It also offers a high level of security, with its drive motor integrated into the main mounting post. Its modern design complies with current EU security standards.

Installing an electric gate can be a simple process if you have a decent amount of experience. The electrician will need to secure the gateposts and make sure they’re level and square. The contractor will also need to install the gate’s control box and any exposed power lines will need to be buried.

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