Electric gate systems include everything a gate installer needs to turn manual driveway gates into automatic electric gates.ELECTRIC GATE SYSTEMS

Read on to find out what different electric gate systems include and what they do. We also explain why some systems are better suited to certain types of installation and sometimes others should be avoided, and who you should consider first, to install them for you.

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Electric Gate Systems

Who is this guide for?
If you are a homeowner or business owner, and you are thinking about:

  • Having new electric gates installed
  • Having your existing manual gates upgraded to electric gates
  • You have existing electric gates but they are in need of repair or maintenance

Electric gates were once a luxury that was only within the grasp of the wealthy or very well off. They were once very expensive to have installed and were expensive to maintain. And once upon a time they were also fairly unreliable.
These days, electric driveway gates are much more affordable. Most homes in the suburbs of any town or city will have or would like to have automated gates. Automatic gates provide safety, security and privacy.

Automate Existing Gates

Electric driveway gates provide your home with additional safety: a closed and locked gate helps keep small children and pets within the driveway and garden. It prevents them from wandering onto a busy road. Electric gates automatically lock when closed.


Electric gates provide additional security for your home and cars. When the gate is closed and locked, it prevents strangers from being able to simply walk into your drive and get close to your home. The closed and locked electric gate prevents an opportunist thief or burglar from gaining easy access to your home. An open gate is an open invitation to get up close (and perhaps inside). A closed gate would mean they would have to climb over the gate or fence – which makes them more obvious to passers by or neighbours. 

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An electric gate is the first line of physical defence and is certainly a highly effective security measure. Most modern cars use keyless entry and keyless electronic ignition. The car thief no longer needs to get into your home to get the keys in order to steal your car. They use an electronic scanning device (known as relay theft) to scan the code of your keys from outside the house – which triggers the car to unlock, then start. If your electric  gates are closed and locked, it makes it more difficult for the car thief to take the car.


And lastly, an automatic gate protects your privacy at home. When your automated driveway gates are securely closed, you no longer have to worry about ticket sellers, canvassers, politicians – or even stray dogs making their way onto your property. A securely closed automatic gate keeps everyone away at arm’s length (obviously farther away than that unless you have a very short driveway 😁).


The very best choice of electric gate system for your driveway varies depending on the type of gate or gates being automated. The bare essentials for sliding gates, you will need at a minimum of a sliding gate motor, a pair of safety photocells, a control panel and receiver, plus two remote control transmitters. Whereas the equivalent minimum electric gate system for swing gates includes the transmitters, control panel, receiver and safety photocells and a motor for each gate leaf. With swing gates, there are a few different types of motor.


Systems for swing gates can be provided with a single motor to automate a single swing gate. However, swing gates are usually installed in pairs, and in that case, we will need two swing gate motors.

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Electric gate kits form the backbone of any electric gate system installation. But additional components can easily be added to provide extra safety or communication with the gate.  Photocells and safety edges are included where risk assessments show there are potential hazards to make safe and reduce risk of potential injury. Intercoms, keypads and other access control equipment can be incorporated to provide whatever level of communication you want with visitors.

At this point, I’d just like to help you understand that an electric gate does not necessarily need an intercom system – or safety edges (assuming the risk assessment determines that is the case). Intercom systems – in all their forms are simply accessories to the gate automation – and are not a standard piece of the electric gate system. Very often, an intercom will be a necessary addition to an automatic gate installation, but they are separate and an additional cost to consider.

Electric Gate systems is what we do


If you are searching for electric gates near me – then just give us a call and we will do our very best to help you. Most people search for electric gates near me in Belfast because they want a professional and reliable person or business to look after their electric gate systems. We have been working with electric gates – both installing new automatic gates and providing electric gate repairs service for over 23 years.

Sliding Gates

A single sliding gate will be installed to run on a track, between the pillars or posts. Sliding gates can also be installed as two bi-parting gates. They slide open from the middle and one gate ends up on either side of the driveway. But it’s much more common to see a single sliding gate even if it’s been constructed to look like two swing gates.  A sliding gate moves on wheels that roll along a track laid across the entrance to your driveway. Or a sliding gate can run on a cantilever system that does not require a track to be installed on the driveway.

A toothed drive rack is installed along the length of the gate on the house side. This is positioned to mesh with a toothed gear protruding from the side of the gate motor. The gate automation motor is mounted firmly on the ground so that as the gear turns it pushes and pulls the gate open and closed. Sliding gate motors come in several sizes and gate weight capacities. When we assess the weight of the gate and how freely it runs (if it is an older gate) – we will recommend a gate automation motor that is adequately sized to comfortably open and shut the gate.

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Automatic Gates

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Swing Gates

Swing gates are hung on hinges attached to gate pillars or posts at either side of the driveway entrance. The gates usually swing inwards to around 90 degrees although specialist kit can be provided to allow swing gates to open to a maximum of 180 degrees.

Depending upon the driveway, it is sometimes necessary to swing the gates outward. For example, if the driveway is too steep, that an inward opening gate would “run aground” as it opens inward. It is not ideal to open out, but when necessary, you should consider how far the gates are back from the edge of the road. You wouldn’t want your gates to be hit by passing cars or trucks! You also need to allow enough room for a car/van to pull in safely – and still allow room for the gates to swing open. Just a few things to think about.

Swing gate motors can be installed either underground or above ground. With overground gate automation, it is usual for the motor housing to be mounted to the gate post or pillar while the end of the motor’s moving arm or lever is attached to the gate. As the motor moves the arm or lever, the fixed end of the motor can’t move but the gate can pivot on its hinges. So, the gate is pushed open or pulled closed.


Electric Swing Gate Systems

Above Ground Electric Swing Gate Systems


Electric gates

Articulated Arm Gate Openers

An electric gate system using articulated arm gate motors is quite often used on smaller and lighter domestic swing gates. However we also have very heavy duty hydraulic systems that are designed for opening very large and heavy gates. The motor drives a rotating shaft that usually sticks out of the base of the motor housing. A two-section arm, with an articulated joint in the middle, is mounted on the output shaft at one end and is attached to the gate at the other end.

As the gate motor is firmly fixed to the gate post, pillar or adjacent wall, the moving arm pushes or pulls the gate open and closed. The articulated arm fold on itself as it opens, pulling the gate toward the motor.

In the past, with these electric gate systems, the movement of the articulated arm could create a safety issue. As the gate opens, the arm joint straightens. But as it closes, the two sections of the arm close up the space between them like scissors. Careful positioning of the motor can maintain a space between the two arms when the gate is open. 

An experienced and qualified gate installer (such as AutoGate ) are very much aware of this risk and incorporate safety features into their gate design to prevent access to this risk area.

Modern articulated arm systems are designed in such a way that this scissor-effect is no longer present. The risk has been eliminated by good equipment design of the gate automation.

Hydraulic Ram Gate Automation

Electric gate ram motors are simple and powerful. They use hydraulics to push and pull a steel rod from one end of the motor body. The motor is fixed to the gate post and the ram arm is attached to the gate. The extending arm pushes the gate closed and pulls the gate leaf open as the rod retracts back into the motor body.

Although ram motors can be powerful, they also use the principle of leverage well. Their long bodies and extending arms allow the mounting point on the gate to be as far as possible from the hinge.

Anyone who has tried to open a door from near the hinge end knows how much harder this is than opening the door just a few cm away at the handle side. Leverage makes opening a bigger and heavier driveway gate much easier if the motor works on the gate as far from the hinge as possible.

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Linear Screw Gate Automation Systems

Each linear motor consists of a  long, slim linear screw. The electric gate motor looks a lot like a ram motor. However, the linear screw motor’s ‘arm’ is hidden inside the motor housing. The arm is actually a long, threaded motor output shaft. The gate mounting has a matching thread on the inside and is screwed onto the motor output shaft. The electric gate motor is telescopic – the arm gets longer or shorter depending on the rotation of the motor inside.

As with the previous examples, the motor housing is fixed to a solid wall or gate post at the side of each swing gate. The other end is fixed to the gate. When the gate motor output shaft rotates it screws the gate mounting point up or down the shaft. As the gate mounting point moves away from or towards the gate motor it pushes the gate open or pulls it closed.

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Underground Electric Gate Systems

Above ground gate motors apply force to the gate some distance from the hinge point to benefit from the principle of leverage. This includes all electric gate systems that use ram motors, linear screw operators or articulated arm gate openers. What can sometimes look like a quite small motor can actually move quite a large driveway gate because of the leverage the motor has.

In the UK and Ireland, underground electric gate systems are probably the most  popular option. This is because we don’t like to see the operators that move our automatic driveway gates. With an underground gate automation system, the motor and the mechanical components are all hidden in a foundation box in the ground.

Unfortunately, these discrete gate motors are installed directly below the gate pivot point. This means that they must apply more force than above ground operators. Just try opening or closing your front door at or close to the hinge side – and you will quickly find how difficult that is, compared to holding it by the handle.

Underground electric gate systems include a foundation box for each underground motor. The foundation boxes are installed in pits dug below the gate hinge and provide fixed anchoring points for the gate motors. A single arm is mounted onto the gate motor output shaft and attached to the base of the gate. As the motor turns, so does the gate. Simple.

The one weakness of underground electric gate systems is that electric motors don’t like water. To prevent the motors flooding and being damaged, all underground electric gate systems must be installed with sufficient drainage to prevent the openers from being submerged in water.

Sliding Electric Gate Systems

A sliding electric gate motor looks very like a box with a cog on one side. Almost all sliding gate motors are made in the same configuration (rectangular box with a cog on one side). The type of motor (whether it is a 230vAC motor, or a 24vDC motor or an oil bath motor) is determined by the nature of the installation. The motors also come in different physical size and strengths. Small gates will only need a low powered motor. A big, heavy industrial gate or rolling barrier may need a 2 Ton or even a 4 Ton capacity sliding gate motor.

The underside of the motor is fixed to a flat, level base at one side of the driveway opening. We normally bolt them to a concrete slab, or to a steel base plate that is welded to the fondation track that the gate runs over. The sliding gate is set up so that the toothed rack mounted along its inside face meshes with the motor cog. With the gate’s wheels placed onto the track, operating the gate motor drives the gate open or closed.

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Other Electric Gate System Options

There are a few more electric gate kits including wheeled gate systems, cantilever gate systems and bi-folding gate systems.  Each has a specific use when standard electric gate kits are not appropriate. For example, cantilever gates are sliding gates that don’t need a track. Wheeled gate motors can operate large electric gates across uneven ground.
A wheel and motor are fixed to the end of the gate and the wheel moves the gate to open or close. The motor and wheel are fixed to the bottom of the gate and the wheel runs on the ground. And when you have a short driveway, or where parking space is tight, bi-folding electric gate motors are used to open and close swing gates that fold in the middle.

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Solar Powered Electric Gate Systems.

Electric gate systems obviously run on electricity, but your electric gate system (if it is a 24vDC system)  can include a back-up battery facility. This will store sufficient electrical charge to operate your gates a few times if the mains electricity supply goes off. They’re not designed to run your gates permanently, so they’re not a substitute for mains power. However, they will get you out of trouble if there’s a power cut.

Back-up batteries can be charged by the electrical supply that runs your gates. You can also incorporate solar charging into your gate kit.

The amount of sunlight we get in the UK and Ireland isn’t enough to power electric gates permanently. You’d need huge solar panels and large storage batteries if you wanted to rely solely on solar power for your electric gates. But a discrete panel will harvest enough sunlight to keep a smaller back-up battery charged and ready for emergencies.
A stand-alone solar powered electric gate system may be able to run on solar power alone in the summer – when the sunlight hours are long. However they have proven to be unreliable in the dark days of winter when sunlight hours are much fewer.

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You want to know that anyone you ask to quote for installing new electric gates or repairing or servicing existing systems is qualified, experienced and trusted.  So, the internet is the obvious place to start your search. But if your gates stop working you could be stuck inside or outside if they won’t open. That’s when you also need to know that they’re reliable enough to get to you quickly in an emergency.
That being said – all electric gate systems are installed with a manual release system. This manual release enables you to be able to manually open (or close) your electric driveway gates if the power is off. A special key enables you to unlock the motors and move the gate by hand.


Finding the best electric gate installation companies nearby isn’t difficult. Once you’ve checked out their reviews, talk to neighbours, friends and colleagues who have their own gates who they recommend. You can contact a few installers to get quotes for what you want but the cheapest is often not the best choice. It’s easy for a cowboy installer to cut corners on the quality or safety of the installation – just to be the cheapest quote.

Quality workmanship, quality equipment and a reliable service is never going to be the cheapest option. 


Electric Gate Safety

As we’ve explained, electric gate kits use motors to open and close your large and often heavy driveway gates. A lot of force is required to do this and, where large forces are employed to move heavy things, there are safety issues to consider.

DIY electric gate systems do exist and experienced electricians, landscape gardeners and builders sometimes have a go at installing electric gates. But it’s a specialist job and the range of skills and experience required for a high quality, safe electric gate installation is beyond many trades.

We are often asked, ‘What are the best DIY electric gate kits?’ The best kits are the ones most suitable for your needs which have been installed by experienced gate engineers. In the event of any safety issue, the installer is responsible in the eyes of the law. So, we always recommend that a new electric gate system is designed, supplied and fitted by experienced installers. It’s also wise to have existing electric gates maintained and repaired by the same professionals.


Get a few quotes from local installers. Then ask them if you can talk to any of their previous customers nearby to see what their work is like. You’ll soon learn who you can trust and who to avoid.



The best and most reliable electric gate systems are never the cheapest electric gates. Cheap electric gate equipment is cheap for a reason. They use low quality materials (soft or brittle alloys, plastic gears in the motors and low quality electronics that don’t last long.
Gate motors have a hard life and buying the best components with longer manufacturer’s warranties adds to the bottom line.

A good installer will also spend time working with you to establish what you want and what is possible. Then they’ll design the right system for your wants and needs that is also as safe as it can be. Next, they will choose the appropriate electric gate system and additional components. Finally, they’ll install them all so that your electric gates don’t break down the minute everything is out of warranty.

Electric gates are not cheap and opting for the cheapest option can be a false economy and possibly even dangerous.

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From elegant functioned iron to rustic composite boards, gates make an attractive enhancement to any type of house or company. Not only this, but they additionally improve the safety as well as personal privacy of a premises specifically if they are automated. In this short article, we cover the benefits of automatic gates for your building as well as why you ought to take into consideration the simplicity of electric gates over hand-operated alternatives.

The added safety and security, convenience and also privacy that electric gates provide can likewise add in the direction of a boost in residence worth. Services can additionally profit, as electric gates plainly interact to visitors and customers that your company cares concerning safety and quality keep in mind, very first perceptions count. The straightforward presence of a gate is sufficient to hinder some bad guys as well as the ability to control your entrance at the touch of a switch boosts security even further, as it permits simple gain access to control.

As avoiding burglars, it can additionally stop young children as well as pets roaming away from the family members house. As an included incentive, your insurance company may also take right into account the setup of a motorised entrance when totting up your insurance policy costs, landing you with a discount rate. Whether you’re tired of vehicle drivers utilizing your driveway to reverse, or whether you’re merely seeking some privacy from prying eyes (or neighbourhood family pets) gates are the perfect means to offer your home or organization a little solitude.

Electric Driveweay Gates Near Me

When getting here residence after a long day, there are a number of reasons you might not intend to get out of your cars and truck to open evictions. Possibly the climate is negative, or possibly you have children you do not desire to leave unattended, or you could also have movement problems that make it testing to enter and out of your car.

Electric gates RepairElectric gates Repair

Sophisticated and also imposing, a gate is a beautiful enhancement to any property. Depending upon the style you choose, entrances can be smooth as well as modern or bring a much more standard touch to your house or business. Companies like Total High quality Protection will certainly craft bespoke gateways to match your facilities, including an array of attractive layouts to perfectly enhance any exterior.

Safe, safe and secure, and also an excellent deterrent to burglars, automated gates can make your home protection leading course. Non-electric, hand-operated gates have their area, of course.

Electric Driveweay Gates

It’s all your selection, which suggests you can really feel completely at residence when you’re at home there’s no better sensation than that. Your residence is your castle, and castles are well safeguarded; with an electric entrance your house can be as well.

Having electric gates that you control is a superb way to allow kids as well as family pets play outside in outright security. If your property gets on an active road, it can be a frightening prospect to send your enjoyed ones outside for a run around, however it can be equally as stressing to maintain them inside on a lovely day.

Thieves certainly care concerning your electric gates. Automated entrances are something that no intruder wishes to meet there are just a lot of things that might fail (for them!). They don’t wish to become caught in your residential property due to the fact that they can not venture out via evictions quickly.

Need Electric Gates in Northern Ireland

As well as they do not want you to understand they exist. If a thief sees a set of automated gateways, the likelihood is that they will certainly maintain looking for other areas to burgle. Places without electric gates. Don’t stress if the power decreases you will not be secured or out of your property.

And if the most awful happens, you can feel confident that a set of automated gates from Autogate will be rapidly fixed all you require to do is telephone us and also among our upkeep service engineer will be with you asap. If you think that automated electric gates sound like the suitable enhancement to your property, whether for safety and security as well as safety, as a deterrent to burglars, or since they look so great when they are mounted, then just call us for additional information.

Security gates are coming to be progressively preferred for homes to protect against possible trespassers as well as forced entry by unsanctioned people.

Electric Driveweay Gates

It’s extremely vital to be aware of specifically the kind of safety entrance you are buying before you make your decision. Exactly how do you recognize what is the best protection entrance for you? These are some excellent tips to take right into factor to consider, to ensure that you can make the proper choice, and purchase the proper selection of safety gate for your specific needs.

In areas where there may be a higher threat of burglaries, you might need to take into consideration mounting strong security gates that are firmly safeguarded (or ‘anchored’) right into the gateway or home window surround in addition to sturdy reputable locks. There are several various safety gateway designs available from modern to ornate driveway entrances.

Some safety and security entrances are built from thick wood. Aluminium is among the best materials for gates, as they are very strong as well as complimentary from rot or corrosion. Aluminium is simple to weld, can be adhered, riveted as well as bolted together and calls for reduced maintenance in all weather conditions. Aluminium entrances are light yet solid as well as sturdy and also much more powerful than steel or wood, even at the very same weight.

Best Electric Gate Installation

It is advised that if you have hand-operated locks on your protection gates, buy a trusted brand name to protect your entrances. Online Protection Gates specialise in automation and electric gates, which can be used by means of a control panel to manage the opening as well as closing of evictions immediately. The automation kits on the protection gateways supply added comfort, personal privacy and also confidence.

It is essential to take into consideration that cheap items or self-made things can not supply the very same defense and security as skillfully manufactured products. Properly manufactured, fitted and assured safety and security entrances will certainly give the greatest security for your home. More powerful and also executing much better, Online Protection Gates provide an amazing variety of domestic protection gateways.

Electric gate systemsElectric gate repairs

Automated entrances have substantial benefits over manual gateways. An automated gateway gets rid of the problem that includes large as well as heavy guidebook entrances that many people fight with or simply do not intend to leave their vehicle to open and close specifically late in the evening or in poor weather.

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Electric gate systemsElectric gate installation

Intercoms and Video clip entrance systems, Site visitors can utilize an intercom at the gateways to call you prior to you admit them. A mobile in your home permits you to push a button to open up evictions. If chosen you can have a video clip entry system that permits you to see who is calling as well as speaking with them before opening evictions.

You can after that take the call on any kind of phone in the residential or commercial property or a cellphone. By pushing a secret on your mobile it is possible to open up evictions from anywhere in the world! These systems are particularly appropriate for multi-user websites as they remove the requirement to run cords to each home.

Several codes can be utilized so people have their very own code. Safety Gates, Electric Gates additionally offers a considerable renovation in residence safety and security as they make it exceptionally challenging for intruders or unwanted callers to open up the gateways and also get to your home, or also to approach your house.

Need Electric Gate Installer in Northern Ireland

Red Area Security set up market leading BFT gateway automation products. Safety and security, All automated gate installments adhere to safety policies with site-specific danger analyses being accomplished where proper. Gates are outfitted with safety gadgets to stop gates closing on obstructions. Special factor to consider is given to moving gateway security.

If you’re assuming regarding installing an automatic gateway on your building, however aren’t certain if it’s worth it, allow us assist you make a decision. An automatic gate is an excellent financial investment for a selection of factors.

It’s no key that an automatic entrance at the front of your residential property is a terrific way to improve safety. Frequently these kinds of gates are referred to as ‘driveway safety and security gates’.

Electric Gate Installer Near Me

To start with, if you’re coming home late in the evening, you can open the gate from the security of your own auto. Secondly, if you have children, an automatic gate will stop them from straying on to the road or chasing a round into approaching web traffic. It will additionally keep unwanted individuals and pets far from your kid.

It can also protect against other animals from entering your backyard and harassing or fighting with your pets. If personal privacy is a worry of your own, an automatic driveway gate is a great investment.

An automatic gateway on your driveway can considerably boost the overall appearance of your building, and also, as a result, elevate your kerb appeal. If you determine to sell your residential or commercial property one day, having an automatic driveway gateway will enhance the worth of your home. An entrance is an important function that can draw in potential customers due to its functional advantages in addition to visual allure.

Need Automated Gates in Northern Ireland

Insurance provider are cognizant of the benefits of these kinds of gateways as well as just how they can enhance your safety and security. To talk about the benefits of automatic gates for your driveway, or to purchase an entrance, contact us at Brisbane Automatic Gate Systems.

Right here is our short guide to some of those initial questions you may have. Many automated gates will depend on power for that reason if there is a power failure for a lengthy period of time then this might trigger a problem.

However, our Roger Modern Technology Automated Entrance System can be set up with a battery back-up power system to ensure that the gateway continues to be functional. If evictions you have chosen complement the residential or commercial property, look aesthetically pleasing and add an extra degree of safety, then indeed automatic gates might assist to push the price of your residential or commercial property up.

Automated Gates Near Me

Automatic gates can assist with the privacy of your property albeit if they are the appropriate type. Looking for additional personal privacy we would suggest utilizing a strong infill type that is likewise high. This will stop people being able to see with or over top. Automated electric gates are fairly affordable to operate.

Moving a 600kg gliding gateway will certainly make use of 30 watts. If you presently have an existing driveway entrance after that depending upon the kind indeed, it can be motorised as well as automated. If you are not sure whether your present entrance can be automated after that contact us where we will be more than able to provide assistance as well as recommendations on your particular circumstance.

Repair Electric Gates

We will repair all types of electric Gate