The goal itself can cost you anywhere from £00 for electric gate repair to £4,000 for new electric gates on average. You also have the choice for the motor and the opener. There are traditional electric gate openers for driveways and solar electric gate openers. They cost between £1600 and £4,000, depending on the weight and size of your automatic gate.

The beauty of electric gates is the ability to enter your property without leaving your vehicle. While this is much easier to install than a manual gate, you probably want an electric gate for your driveway. Leaving an automated gate system installation to professionals is highly recommended. The gate material can be steel, wrought iron or a high-quality wooden privacy gate of various heights and designs. The most expensive double gates of the driveway are supported on each side by stone or brick structures and can have an intercom communication system.

Other optional components that increase costs include intercoms, camera systems, keyboards, sensors, vehicle exit devices and automatic gate locks. Although the cost of automatic entrance gates can be relatively high, you’ll enjoy greater privacy, security, and convenience — it’s worth the investment. Automatic entrance gates are an ideal way for property owners to save time, increase comfort, and increase security for their home. Those who have a separate parking space for their RV (average 8 feet) should opt for a 10 foot gate to ensure there is enough space to maneuver.

The infrared technology in the gate opener is the same as a classic TV remote control or garage door opener. Aside from the risk of electric shock, an inexperienced homeowner (who tries to install the electric gate system themselves) can easily damage their newly purchased system. The price of automating the gate depends entirely on the type of opener installed and how long it takes to complete the installation process. A qualified electrician must be brought in to improve the wiring and electrical grid on the property to run this motor.

With this in mind, the pillars that hold the gate up on each side are not part of the installation cost. You would need to hire a builder to build brick or stone pillars to support the gates. Having new electric gates installed greatly improves the overall security of your home and driveway and may even get a discount on your home insurance. If you already have a manual gate installed and just wanted to have the automation mechanism to make it automatic, the cost will be significantly less than installing a completely new electric gate together with the automatic gate. These can range from £1600 to £2500 depending upon the type of equipment required. Depending on the cost, it may therefore make sense to continue upgrading your current entrance gate or invest in a brand-new entrance gate to get the most out of your machinery.